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Color Grading and Finishing

Color is important. Whether you need to build complex looks, do basic matching, or have some problem-shots in need of special attention, we are here to help put the finishing touches on your project to make it shine.


We provide post color grading and finishing services for Feature, Commercial, and Corporate work. We offer flexibility and cater to the specific needs of each project; whether it's in-person client sessions, working remotely with clients around the world, or rolling our mobile grading station right into your office for fast feedback and quick turnarounds.

Both our Mac and PC based systems run DaVinci Resolve Studio, Assimilate Scratch, and Adobe CC with both Resolve and Tangent control panels for ultimate flexibility and speed.


When you use us for both on-set work and for final grading we maintain color consistency and creative intent from set through post. It provides a jumpstart where work done on set can be easily picked up and moved forward in post saving time and money.

On-Set DIT, Dailies, Color Workflow

In addition to post grading we provide on-set services including live-grading, look-building, dailies processing/transcoding, live monitoring and exposure assistance.

Thatcher is a Local 600 DIT and has been working as a DIT on large-scale commercials and features in Los Angeles, Seattle, and around the country since the beginning of digital filmmaking.

Our mobile DIT cart scales to the production's needs and is built for tight spaces and fast moves. We aim to provide all your digital imaging needs without adding bulk and complication to the set.

We are equipped with a robust live-grading setup, custom-calibrated OLED monitors and a cart-mounted blackout tent for a proper viewing environment. Our 12 core MacPro, Red Rocket-X, and highspeed RAID can handle any format you throw at it with optimal transcode speeds.

A full set of Tangent Element control panels paired with Scratch, Resolve or Silverstack Lab allow full control of the image for simple, or complex dailies grading and sound syncing.

Monitor Calibration, LUT workflow

Using Lightspace's advanced technology in conjunction with professional Spectrophotometer and Colorimeter we can profile any monitor or TV and build calibration LUTs to match any colorspace. These LUTs can be used within applications such as DaVinci Resolve, or via a hardware LUT box.